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    ● Wall Street Turns to 'Boot Camps' to Train New Workers  
    ● U.S. Financing Techniques in China: Mission Impossible?  
    ● Global Banks Face "Pay Up or Lose Talent" War in China  
The Applied Investment & Finance Analyst (AIFA) certification exams and training courses are designed to enhance the analytical and practical skills of financial practitioners and students. There are five subjects in the AIFA program: "Valuation Modeling"......
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Information for the Chinese Capital Market

The information links below will be helpful to international financial executives and MBA students interested in the rapidly growing Chinese capital markets.

  1. Financial Glossary in English, Chinese and Chinese Pin Yin  
  2. China's New Accounting Standards  
  3. The People's Republic of China - Tax Facts and Figures  
  4. Securities Law of the People's Republic of China  
  5. Companies Law of the People’s Republic of China  
  6. Law of the People's Republic of China on Funds for Investment in Securities  

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